Proclaimers Challenge

I challenge you to run 500 miles then 500 more, which is forthwith called the Proclaimers Challenge. On the face of it 1000 miles is a very long way. However split to each day it is just 2.7 miles and within reach of anybody either you're a runner or not. However not everybody has the time to run 2.7 miles a day on average. So I have created the following categories:

#ProclaimersChallenge - the full Monty of 1000 miles

#ProclaimerChallenge - singular proclaimer for a one way 500 miles

#ProclaimersMetricChallenge - A metric 1000 km (621 miles)

The rules are simple:

  1. Run and record. You can track/record your runs though a smart watch, fitness band or even just your phone. Then publish it and encourage others to follow.
  2. Raise £1000 for charity of your choice.
  3. Tweet/post about your run to entertain and encourage other to join in. Make sure you use the right hashtag.

Good luck!

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